Water Treatment

Are you worried about what may be in your water? Is your water creating stains or does it smell funny?

Maybe your water based appliances are failing sooner than they should.

With our water treatment installation, you’ll be able to reduce repairs, protect your plumbing system and enjoy cleaner healthier water.

We all know that our water sources have become increasingly more polluted. In many cases, your water should be treated prior to us drinking it or bathing in it.

Water Treatment In the United States, our local municipalities are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to chemically treat our water supply to keep it safe and bacteria-free from the treatment plant to our homes.

These chemicals keep water safe on its journey to your house or business but are not really necessary once it has arrived. You have the option of leaving those chemicals in your water or taking them out.

Sometimes there are advantages of removing chemicals from water. The hardness of your water and certain minerals may damage your appliances and fixtures and certain minerals can stain porcelain orange or green. Softening your water and using our whole-house carbon filtration system is the total solution for removing those chemicals.

The use of chlorine and other chemicals in our water plays an important role in keeping our water safe and bacteria-free. Although these chemicals are required for immediate safety purposes, they have an effect on our long-term health and should be removed prior to drinking or bathing in the water.

Find out what’s in your water. Trust Buschur’s for all of your water treatment needs and call us at 419-678-3821 for a water test today!

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