Charities We Support

At Buschur’s, we believe in the power of purpose beyond profit. We support charitable organizations that align with our values. By giving back to our communities and beyond, we aim to make a positive difference in the world. We take pride in contributing to causes that promote sustainability, education, religious, and community development. Through strategic partnerships and donations, we aspire to create positive change. Join us on this journey of making a meaningful impact because, together, we can achieve more than just business success—we can create a better world for all!

How to Donate

Please consider a donation to support our charitable initiatives. We are deeply committed to making a positive impact, and your generosity helps us achieve that goal. As we are closely connected with the organizations we support, we can ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to them. No fees are deducted besides the bank wiring fee, ensuring that your contribution makes a meaningful difference to the lives of those we aim to assist.

To make a donation contact us at 1-419-678-3821 or email

Your support is greatly appreciated.

The Retreat House

We partnered with several local businesses to assist in reviving this convent and transforming it into a thriving retreat house for groups of all faiths. Through the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein & Montezuma, we provide opportunity for spiritual growth, social development, and community service. Here you can take time to rediscover yourself, gain perspective, spent time in quiet and pray, bring together youth groups or parishes, and take time to strengthen your relationship with God. An old elementary school in Montezuma, Ohio was also purchased as a second location and converted into a retreat center for more active youth in the surrounding community. They are currently adding on a 30’x60′ youth center that can be used all year around.

Saint John Bosco Orphanage

With a great demand for addressing the needs to help delinquent juveniles, we partnered with local businessmen and the Sisters of Mercy who founded St. John Bosco Boys’ Home in Kingston, Jamaica. Over the years in an effort to generate self-sustaining income, St. John Bosco now boasts a state-of-the-art piggery, chicken house, butcher and meat processing facility. It also has 2 catering halls and a restaurant. Today, the St. John Bosco Boys Home has successfully transitioned from a residential program into a vocational training center program with students training in various certification and diploma courses like Food preparation, Culinary Arts, Barbering, Butchering, Meat Processing, Call Center skills, Greenhouse Farming & Animal Husbandry. The facilities required air conditioning & refrigeration equipment that we were able to assist with, among many other things (our team members pictured top left).

St. Francis School & Daycare

In collaboration with a local priest from Tanzania, our journey began with the establishment of a daycare, recognizing the need for a nurturing environment for young children. Witnessing the success and impact of the daycare, our commitment grew to address the higher educational needs of the children. We contributed to the creation of an elementary school, providing children with a foundation for lifelong learning. Beyond education, we understood the importance of infrastructure, which led to our involvement in building essential structures and ensuring a clean water supply (our team members are pictured top right). Our initiatives also extend to empowering locals with skills that pave the way for job creation and sustainable income.

The Quije Garden

The village of Quije, Panama, where one of our team members (pictured top left) grew up, had a great need. By establishing gardens enriched with a variety of crops and incorporating livestock, we strive to empower individuals to lead healthier lives, break the cycle of poverty, and create a flourishing environment for generations to come. We also wanted to address the critical need for essential equipment in building sustainable infrastructure for a water supply. Many remote communities lack access to the ability to bring clean water to their homes. Additionally, generators are crucial for ensuring a stable power supply. Our charity works to provide essential tools, empowering communities so they can overcome these challenges.