Zone Control FAQs

What our customers ask us

Here are the answers to our customers frequently asked questions.

What is a zone control system?

A zone control system operates off of more than one thermostat, and a control panel which operates a number of dampers in your air duct system. Conditioned air is then distributed to various parts of your home as needed.

What are the major components of a zone control system?

  • Control Panel
  • Thermostats
  • Duct Dampers

These components work in conjunction with your existing forced air duct system to ensure a comfortable area on every level of your house.

What are the primary benefits of a zone control system?

Comfort, Convenience, and Energy Savings. The system maintains various desired temperatures throughout your home, thereby eliminating the need for constantly resetting your thermostat. Energy savings are accomplished by reducing the energy requirements to areas of the home that are not used as much; a zone system ensures that only the necessary amount of energy is used throughout the home.

Why does the fan continue to run after the set temperature is reached?

The fan may continue to run, after a heating or cooling set temperature is satisfied for two reasons.
The fan setting on a thermostat may be set to the “Fan On” position forcing the fan to run continuously, moving air throughout your home.

Most systems on the market have a fixed fan purge after a heating and cooling temperature is satisfied. The fan purge is designed to expel any remaining conditioned air left in the ductwork into the living space.

Who would install a zone control system?

Typically, two-story or tri-level homes with large square footage. A representative from Buschur’s Refrigeration can help you determine if a zone system is right for you.

What is the most popular “size” zone control system?

Typically two to four zones, depending on the home’s floor plan which may tend to form separate areas. For example, a single-story home with a master bedroom on one end, living area in the center and a family room in a separate wing is ideal for zoning. Or a two-story home with two or more distinct zones such as an “attic” room or room over the garage. A tri-level home is another popular design which may contain a lower level “bonus” room which is also ideal for zone control system.

Can zone control be installed in an existing home?

Yes, it can. A representative from Buschur’s Refrigeration can help to determine the best way to accomplish this.

Is there any service required with a zone control system?

No. A zone system contains a control board, some motorized dampers, and a thermostat. Unless one of those components fail you can typically expect many years of trouble-free performance. Only changes in living habits might require adjustments from time to time.

Is there an advantage to installing a zone control system while the home is being built?

Yes. It is much easier to run wiring through open framework and between floors, therefore resulting in substantial savings in installation costs. In addition, required ductwork sizing and system balancing are also easier and less expensive to accomplish while the home is under construction.