Free hot water from Geothermal

Did you know you could get free hot water from your Geothermal System?

Not only can a direct exchange (DX) geothermal system provide heating and air conditioning for your home, but it can also provide free hot water. Utilizing the optional hot water generator can produce free hot water for any use whenever the system is running. By capturing the excess heat in the refrigerant, this module can typically provide in excess of 50% of the total hot water needs of many homes or businesses, all while the system heats and cools your home. These savings, combined with the saving heating & cooling savings, results in a short system payback period and more real cash savings for you.

How does it do that?

The Hot Water Generator is especially effective at producing hot water during the summer months. To better understand how this option works, it’s helpful to understand how a standard air conditioner works. A standard central air unit cools by removing the heat from inside your home, resulting in a cooler home. But where does all that heat it removed go? Typically the heat removed from your home by the air conditioner gets wasted as it gets expelled into the air by to the A/C unit setting outside.

That’s why you can feel hot air coming from the top of your outside a/c unit when it’s running (it’s the heat removed from inside your house). While all this heat is being wasted, your water heater is burning gas or electric in order to provide you with hot water. This geothermal hot water generator called a desuperheater simply takes the heat that would normally be wasted by the air conditioner and it sends it to the water heater to be used, creating less work for the water heater, and saving you loads of money.

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