Zoning & Ductwork

The Solution is zoning!

Zoning offers the easy, affordable, economical solution. Zoning is simply a way of dividing your home into areas with similar heating and cooling requirements, with each zone being controlled by its own thermostat.

Zoning and Ductwork, Buschurs Refrigeration, Home energy, Every home has at least two zones; the living area and sleeping area, which are seldom used at the same time. Others are typically divided between upstairs and downstairs; master and kid’s bedrooms, and other more specific areas of your home. Each area is often occupied at different times and has different heating and cooling loads. The result of zoning is total comfort, no matter where you are inside your home.

Every home is different. We will take specific calculations for each installation. A “Manual J” heat loss and heat gain calculation for each room will be figured according to the construction of your home, insulation, window area, and other heat or cooling factors. We will compute the exact needs of your installation in order to give you maximum performance with the lowest possible operating cost.


  • Solves problem rooms that are too cold or too hot
  • Allows you to set the temperature you want, when you want it, where you want it


  • Only heat & cool areas of your home that are occupied zones and
  • Save up to 30% when you combine zoning with a programmable thermostat


  • Flexibility of having a thermostat for each zone
  • No need to return to the dining room to adjust the thermostat for the whole house

We will also be calculating for accurate sizing of the air distribution system for each room to assure constant temperature and humidity control and comfort.Calculation are weighed with accuracy, so that the right amount of air at the proper temperature and humidity level reaches each room in your home.

Buschurs Refrigeration, Ohio, Zoning and Ductwork, Home Energy Savings, Geothermal Energy, Heating and CoolingHow does zoning work?

Each zone in your home has dampers in your ductwork that open or shut based on
your heating/cooling requirements. These dampers are controlled through the thermostat for that particular zone. When you don’t need to heat or cool the air in a particular area of your home, you save energy because the dampers in the ductwork close off the air to that zone of your house.. This truly provides the temperature you want, where you want it, and when you want it.

See the Zone Control FAQs