Geothermal Technology Timeline

Geothermal energy is not something that’s new, and has actually been around almost as long as forced air heating furnaces.

The history of geothermal systems:

  • 1920s – First open loop well water geothermal system installed
  • 1945 – Robert Webber installed first residential direct exchange (DX) geothermal closed loop system, utilizing a copper ground loop
  • 1946 – Donald Krocker installed the first commercial closed loop water system, using a plastic ground loop to heat and cool a commercial office tower
  • 1948 – The first residential water source geothermal system using plastic piping
  • 1970s – Geothermal gains popularity as the oil crisis hits America
  • 1979 – Buschur’s Refrigeration installed the first geothermal system in the area
  • 1991 – Buschur’s Refrigeration installed the first Waterless™ DX horizontal loop geothermal system
  • 2000 – Buschur’s Refrigeration installed their first Waterless™ DX vertical loop geothermal system, using our “Oil Rig”
  • Today – Buschur’s Refrigeration has installed thousands of Waterless™ DX geothermal systems across West Central Ohio and Indiana

Buschurs The Geothermal Experts of Ohio

Geothermal continues to gain popularity, for both cost savings and environmental reasons. We are proud to have the experience and a long history of installing every type of geothermal design in the past 40 plus years as we continue to grow with the latest trends in technology. Our goal is to save you money and be environmentally friendly at the same time; geothermal is a great way to do that.