Josh & Katelyn Kremer

We are so satisfied with the work that Buschur’s Refrigeration did with installing our water system! We have very hard water where we live, and we did not like the taste of it, and we were unable

Pete & Cindy Trick

Buschur’s has been a great company to work with.

JM, Texas

I’m from Texas but I came across Buschur’s Refrigeration website and called them to find out more about their city water filtration systems. Even though they know I’m not a

Brittney Wilson

We bought our home with a Buschur installed geothermal unit and have loved it! Called Buschur’s for the first time for troubleshooting and they were phenomenal! Knowledgeable, fast,

Rick Zahn

Our house is Buschur’ed out, and we are more than pleased to say that. We have a geothermal unit, UV lights in the ductwork which was just cleaned and sanitized, UV light on our cistern

Casey Pond

Very thorough job! Was at the house doing a yearly cleaning/maintenance on the furnace/heat pump and was here for almost 3 hours, making sure everything was taken care of. I’m very