Rick Zahn

Author: Development August 23, 2017

Our house is Buschur’ed out, and we are more than pleased to say that. We have a geothermal unit, UV lights in the ductwork which was just cleaned and sanitized, UV light on our cistern line, and a water filtration system. The geothermal provides cool air in the summer and warm, soft air in the winter. The water filtration system gives us pure, clean, palatable water out of more than one outlet. The UV lights help reduce mold and allergens for allergy suffers. The ductwork cleaning cut down on dusting. Service is always wonderful, timely, with friendly technicians. They have always responded to our needs and fixed our problems. The Buschur’s are always eager to greet and talk to us. We feel like their most important customers, even though we know we are one of many satisfied customers. We have no problem recommending them, and will continue to be customers.