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Breathing Easy Indoors: A Guide to Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality Amidst Poor Outdoor Conditions

Author: Buschur's Refrigeration August 2, 2023

As our environment faces challenges with outdoor air quality, it’s essential to create a safe haven indoors by maintaining good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Poor outdoor air conditions, such as smog, wildfires, or industrial pollutants, can impact indoor air quality, affecting our health and well-being. This blog explores practical strategies to preserve and enhance indoor air quality during unfavorable outdoor conditions, ensuring you and your loved ones breathe easy and stay healthy at home.

1. Use Air Purifiers to Filter Indoor Air:

Air purifiers are invaluable allies in combating poor indoor air quality. Equipped with HEPA filters or advanced filtration technology, they efficiently remove airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, smoke, and allergens, from the air. During bad outdoor air quality periods, running air purifiers can help reduce the influx of outdoor pollutants, creating a cleaner indoor environment.

2. Close Windows and Doors:

When outdoor air quality is compromised, limiting the infiltration of polluted air into your home is crucial. Keep windows and doors closed to minimize the entry of outdoor contaminants. While it’s essential to ventilate your home regularly, choose times when outdoor air quality improves, such as early mornings or evenings.

3. Maintain Proper Humidity Levels:

Controlling indoor humidity levels is vital for both comfort and health. Dry indoor air can exacerbate respiratory issues, while excessive humidity can promote mold growth. Use a hygrometer to monitor indoor humidity and keep it between 30% to 50%. Employ humidifiers during dry conditions and dehumidifiers when humidity levels are high.

4. Regularly Change Air Filters:

Air filters are critical in trapping airborne particles and maintaining good IAQ. Follow manufacturer recommendations to check and change your HVAC system’s air filters regularly. High-quality air filters effectively capture pollutants and allergens, promoting cleaner indoor air.

5. Avoid Indoor Smoking:

Smoking indoors introduces harmful chemicals and particles into the air, significantly impacting indoor air quality. Encourage smoking outdoors and away from open windows and doors to prevent pollutants from spreading inside.

6. Keep a Clean Living Space:

Regularly clean your home to reduce dust and allergen buildup. Use vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters to capture particles effectively. Additionally, frequently wash bedding, curtains, and other fabric items to maintain a clean indoor environment.

7. Opt for Low VOC Products:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are chemicals found in some household products that can off-gas and impact indoor air quality. Choose low-VOC or VOC-free products when painting, cleaning, and purchasing furniture or building materials.

8. Introduce Houseplants:

Houseplants can help improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen. Consider adding spider plants, peace lilies, or snake plants to your living spaces.

9. Maintain HVAC Systems:

Regular maintenance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is essential for optimal indoor air quality. Schedule professional inspections and cleanings to ensure the proper functioning of your HVAC units.

While we cannot control outdoor air quality, we have the power to safeguard our indoor environment. By implementing these strategies and using air purifiers, maintaining proper humidity levels, and regularly changing air filters, you can create a healthy and comfortable living space for you and your family. Prioritizing good Indoor Air Quality during poor outdoor conditions ensures that you can breathe easily and stay resilient against environmental challenges.

At Buschur’s Refrigeration, we offer a range of top-quality Indoor Air Quality products to help you create a haven of clean air within your home. Visit our IAQ page or contact us at (419) 678-3821 to explore how our products can support your quest for a healthier indoor environment.

Breathe easy, stay healthy, and enjoy the comfort of your home, no matter what’s happening outside!