What most people don’t tell you about geothermal

Are you considering geothermal but wondering what the catch is?

We recognize that geothermal has gained somewhat of a bad reputation. Unfortunately, due to bad installers and improper sizing of geothermal units, customer complaints have tainted what people think about geothermal. But, these problems aren’t because of the system itself, instead, they are due to untrained and inexperienced contractors.

Top fixes to geothermal problems you never knew existed

Our guide will explain common problems like:

  • Higher-than-expected operating costs
  • Excessive repairs
  • Lack of comfort
Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll tell you how to avoid it!

You learn the most common geothermal design and installation errors that have led to customer complaints. You won’t have to search anywhere else – get all the answers to your questions in one spot! Find out how to make sure your geothermal system operates as you expect so you can get the cost-savings you want!

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