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Free Hot Water From Geothermal

Free Hot Water From GeothermalOptional Hot Water Module

Free Hot Water From Geothermal – Buschur’s Refrigeration. Utilizing the Advanced Geothermal System’s optional water exchange module call a Desuperheater. The desuperheater system produces ultra low cost hot water for any use. Capturing excess heat in the refrigerant, this module can typically provide in excess of 50% of the total hot water needs of many homes or businesses, all while the system heats and cools your home. With the cost of heating water alone averaging $600 per year, the (desuperheater) water exchanger can generate an additional savings of $100-$300 or more, annually. These savings, combined with those previously described in the heating and cooling mode, result in minimal system payback periods and real cash savings for you.

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